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Five Star Foam Brings the finest quality mattresses, best known for comforts. Five Star Mattress is Pakistan's all-time best selling mattress for all ages since 1980.

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Foams regulate the air so you keep sleeping.

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A Perfect balance of soft and firm during sleep.

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July 3, 2022


Summer Season Healthy Sleep Tips

Having a tranquil rest throughout the late spring can end up being a fight among dissatisfaction and unwinding. Obviously, individuals with an unfortunate dozing design are inclined to stoutness, ongoing torments, and different sicknesses related with sorrow.

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June 30, 2022


Old Mattress and Health Issues

Now a days in this world sleep is very important. People are become busier and not get enough sleep due to this world is becoming more aggressive, violent and unhealthy. So it is time to go for a change and replace

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June 15, 2022


Cutomized Your Happiness with Five Star Foam

A dependable organization can make redid sleeping mattresses so when you lay into bed, it’s vital to realize the bedding you’re resting on can be relied upon to give solace

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